Planet Press

Planet Press

Variable data printing, workflow automation, output management and distributed printing

Streamline your workflow, cut costs and improve your document quality as well as your corporate image!



In conjunction with Ricoh printing devices, Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Suite brings documents printing to a whole new level. PlanetPress Suite is a complete and integrated software suite that allows for easy creation and printing of variable content documents with the added benefit of offering advanced and automated workflow and output management features. A modular approach, tailored to your business needs.


PlanetPress Suite was designed as a modular solution. Each module of the Suite can be purchased separately to address specific challenges and adapt to every business needs:

  • easily create and design variable data documents, transactional or promotional pieces
  • automate your document distribution processes and improve workflow with PlanetPress Watch
  • conditionally distribute documents by fax with PlanetPress Fax
  • use PlanetPress Image to send your documents by e-mail or archive them in your CRM or ERP applications



  • Eliminates printing on pre-printed forms.
  • Allows for easy management and distributed printing of transactional documents.
  • Increases response rates and customer retention through document personalization.
  • Turns invoices into advertising vehicles.
  • Prints complex documents at high-speed.
  • Takes in data from most hosts including ODBC compliant databases and native XML.
  • Eliminates errors due to manual intervention.
  • Gives more flexibility.


Business Applications

  • statements and billings
  • multi-part business form replacement
  • financial and business documents
  • barcodes and labels
  • grey bar report printing



  • easy, rule based conditional output
  • pie, line and bar charts
  • re-usable libraries for global variables and functions
  • user friendly interface
  • drag and drop graphic import
  • direct control over printer finishing features


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