Content Central

Content Central


Document Management – Workflow Automation

Content Central is a complete, browser-based DMS solution, which provides everything necessary to create, capture, find, and manage business information. Its robust workflow engine allows routine business processes to be automated and simplified.


About Content Central

  • Browser Based – Enables connections from any workstation on the network (Internet capable). Users access all functions using a standard Web browser.
  • Capture – Scan paper documents using multifunction devices or directly in the Web browser with DirectScan™. Capture electronic files of any type via folder, upload, or drag-and-drop in browser. Solution integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Retrieval – Locates the document(s) requested in seconds, using an easy-to-use search engine. Browse through organized folder structures auto-generated in the system.
  • Management – Check-out, edit, append, replace, approve, reject, collaborate, and more, based on administrator-defined permissions. Receive instant internal or e-mail notifications based on any number of system events or scheduled lookups.
  • Workflow Automation – Simplify business processes using triggers and actions combined to create powerful workflow rules. Configure approval processes to move documents along any pre-defined or ad-hoc path based on system events or schedules.



  • Elimination of the physical inbox and filing cabinet
  • Paper-based and digital documents organized together in one location
  • Multiple workstations can view the same document at once
  • Faster retrieval times – No re-filing necessary
  • Quick deployment – No client-workstation installations required
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications


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